Always there for your educational journey. Learn more With the moto of "Bridge to your future", we help you with various education and migration services ranging from your preparation to your departure documents We Deliver Enduring Results Learn more With the moto of "Bridge to your future", we help you with various education and migration services ranging from your preparation to your departure documents


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About Us

Global Consult is one of the consultancy based in Australia which is now over Nepal. It has now four offices across Nepal and Australia. The company mainly focuses on students providing qualified education counsellors, career coaches, motivators, and career counsellors. Global Consult moves towards with the slogan “Bridge To Your Future“. From the given slogan it is very much clear that the company provides the best solution for its customers or you can say, students. As a student, if you are choosing Global Consult, I assure you will get the best Education and Migration Services.

Not only that, but it also takes care of Professional year, NAATI, PTE Preparation, Accounting and Taxation, Health Insurance, Air Ticketing, and many more. Moreover, you will have some professional services like pre-departure orientation, airport picks up and drops off, and accommodation arrangements. Though the company’s major clients are from Nepal and Australia, it also served students from every other part of the world including India, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Pakistan.

Why Choose Us

We offers absolute and chic services to its clients and partners through our highly qualified, competent and dedicated team of education specialists. Students are thoroughly counselled by our industry-specific experts, for evaluation of their qualification, previous education, English competency, educational goals and career ambition; to ensure each and every student is suited to absolute best educational providers.

GLOBAL CONSULT connects with students through strong network and connection built over the years as a result of exceptional service. Word of mouth and family/friend referral is most common form of connection. We have active social media presence that enable us to find new clients and retain old ones. We also conduct live session over facebook, Instagram and youtube to update general students about ongoing current affairs related to education and migration. Moreover, we also offer seminars and meet programs with educational providers so that students can connect with them and get to know more about many educational institutions.

Each and every on shore as well as off shore student is thoroughly consulted to assign the best matching educational provider to that matches the student’s educational and career goals. Factors such as student’s prior learning, visa status, financial capability, career goals etc are considered during consultation and counselling. Furthermore, we assist students to make strong and genuine documentation for application and visa process as well as migration if the student wishes to do so. We also cater to the needs of students for medical check-up and insurance. In case of off shore students, we provide pre departure orientation and airport pick up after arrival. As part of our service we also assist students for job hunting and accommodation.

Global Consult understands that efficiency is not achieved unless the corporate structure is well designed and functions are well organized. Therefore, our operations are executed through a vast national and international network of industry experts running specialized departments
equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The most developed and updated systems and technologies are exploited to extract the maximum worth of the network, to ensure that we do not fall short of our clients’ and partner’s expectations in any manner. A highly qualified, dependable and equipped client support system is maintained to provide for timely response to any and every query or requirement our clients and potential clients may have. We are particularly renowned for our quick response time, thanks to our client support team, which realizes that time, is among the most precious resources.
As for the management structure, it has been organized to function via 3 major intra divisions that work in synchronization to deliver exceptional service. We have front desk department that handles clients and houses documents needed for further application and admission; counselling department to recognize students’ problem, assess their needs and assign related education/visa/migration solutions; admissions department to assign students to their choice of university or other educational providers; visa/migration department to further process visa and migration needs.

Why Choose us?


Experienced agents

We have three highly experienced in house registered migration agents working day and night to make your dreams come true.


Best Courses

We provide best consulation to find the right educational destination and course to guide to you for a better future.


Authentic services

We provide authentic counselling services to help you choose the right path that will lead you towards your dream career.

Popular Courses

We provide wide range of course selection to build a path for a better future.

Providing best educational and migration services.


Thank you Global consult for always helping us and treating us as your family. I have always been dealing with global consult from day 1. They are always been so reliable with their service and information.
I would like to suggest everyone to talk to them if you are looking for correct information regarding visa or uni or migration, you will definitely get a proper direction.

I highly recommend global consult as this consultancy has good service. I especially thank Ritan dai for the help he provided, he is very caring and tries to do everything he can to help you. I was having issues with the credit for my subject and Ritan dai helped me understand how i can get most of my credits and i got good amount of credit from the recommended uni, thanks to Ritan dai and all staff.

Global Consult was very helpful with the process, guiding me all through out the visa process and recommending me proper guide to make it smooth and easier. I strongly recommend all students who are trying to pursue higher education in Australia to get counselling from Global consult for genuine advice. My dream to study in Australian Universities finally came true by the advice of Global Consult.

Latest News

  • Recent changes in visa for migration

    2020/2021 has been an unpredictable year due to themajor impact of COVID-19. Various changes have occurredin Australian Immigration this year from borderclosure, travel ban, and lockdown.

    February 3, 2021
  • Covid impact on international students

    Australia’s education industry faces a devastating economic impact since last year as most of the international students from different countries have been switching their application to countries with open borders including Canada and Britain.

    February 3, 2021
  • Offshore Visa Application update from DHA

    The Department of Home Affairs recently communicated to one of our Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1797600) regarding offshore applications including

    April 26, 2020

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